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City and country planning

The municipality has a communal map since 2013. A PLUI (local town plan inter-communal) is being developed.

 The communal map is a simple planning document that delimits the areas of the municipality where building permits can be issued: it allows to set clearly the rules of the game.

It can extend the building perimeter beyond the "currently urbanized areas" or create new constructible sectors that are not necessarily located in continuity with the existing urbanization. It may also reserve sectors intended for the establishment of industrial or craft activities.

Unlike the PLU, it can not regulate in detail the modalities of siting on the plots (types of structures allowed, densities, rules of recoil, appearance of buildings, parking, green spaces ...) and it can not contain guidelines Development. It is the provisions of the national planning regulation that apply to it.

The municipal map must respect the general principles set out in Articles L.110 and L.121-1 of the Urban Planning Code, in particular the objectives of balance, economical management of space, diversity of urban functions and diversity Social security.

communal map in PDF format                   


Territorial Coherence Scheme (SCOT)

The Territorial Coherence Scheme (SCoT) is a planning document that aims to ensure the coherence of territorial policies at the right scale, that of the life basin, which makes it possible to take into account the stakes of operation of the employment and employment Habitat and the logic of travel. This tool was created by the Solidarity and Urban Renewal (Solidarity and Renewal) Act of December 2000. It draws up major planning choices and priorities for the next 15 to 20 years. It is a key strategic document that organizes, in space and time, the conditions for the sustainable development of the territory.

Its implications

Once adopted, the SCoT imposes its objectives and its project on the town planning documents of the communes (PLU, PLUI, communal map), the main urban planning operations, the commercial planning permits and the sectoral policies of the intercommunal members: programs Housing projects (PLH), urban travel plans (PDUs), etc.

The Scot's public inquiry was done from April 29 to May 31, 2016.