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Anse of Sordan




The label "Escales d'une rive a l'autre" is granted to sites along navigable waterways and their nautical watersheds.




Place of passage to cross the Blavet channeled towards the coasts of Armor, "Sordan" was a village (place) of Saint-Aignan in border of the forest of Quénécan, inhabited by woodcutters and charcoal burners. With the construction of the dam between 1923 and 1930 and the creation of the lake of Guerlédan (12 km long), this reservoir completely changed the place: the village became a cul de sac. If a specification originally foresaw the maintenance of commercial navigation on the lake, with the construction of a ladder of locks for the boats and a second for the fish attached to the dam, these additional expensive structures have never been realized. Navigation on the lake is therefore restricted to the practice of pleasure and sports.

The only point on the south shore where it is possible to easily reach the lake of Guerlédan, the site has become the cove of Sordan, zone where the land disappears on a gentle slope, which is a natural advantageof for the setting of small boats.

Encased between 2 forest massifs, this cove and its beach are sheltered from the winds of east and west. It is a quiet place where lovers of family camping will find a campsite of about fifty places, with the immediate opportunityof swimming or other nautical activities, fishing, rest on the beach and many walks in forest on the shores of the lake.

Vue d'ensemble en arrivant sur la plage
Route de la plage
Vue aérienne
Allée du bord de lac
Allée du bord de lac
Le lac vu de la terrasse

Warning! Swimming is not supervised and in principle prohibited near the dam and off the beaches, due to the rapid sporting navigation taking place there.

The Sordan site was completely redesigned during the winter of 2007-2008.

There is also a bar-restaurant "Merlin Les pieds dans l'eau", with access for wheelchair users, guest rooms completing the campsite, a playground.