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The country of Saint-Aignan, with its natural (Blavet, forest of Quénécan) and artificial (canal, dam) environment presents a great wealth of circuits of excursions that you can improvise if you have a good sense of direction and a good Compass (or GPS).

But you can also take inspiration from pre-established circuits which are proposed below and which, anyway, will give you an idea of the possibilities, the kilometers to be traveled and the foreseeable times, taking into account the level of the terrain at least hilly, even rugged orange and red circuits.

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 Maps available at the town hall or download

4 circuits are available around the town.   Télécharger la carte des randonnées

 2 Circuits PDIPR (Plan Départemental des Itinéraires de Promenade et de Randonnée) managed by the community of communes of Pontivy :


2 Circuits managed by the commune of Saint-Aignan :

·         "Circuit du Blavet" : Blue Circuit : 12,7 km, 3 heures, easy      
Départ : le Corboulo. 
direction Botcol, la butte de Touldren, le bourg, Ecluse de Guerlédan, le halage du Canal de Nantes à Brest jusqu'à Boloré, le Cloître, Trémer, then back to the depart-point. Else: blue dotted lines.

  • "Circuit des champs": Green Circuit : 13,9 km, 3 heures 30, easy
  • Départ : Le Corboulo direction Kerbellec, Bas-Botcol, Lanmeur, La Croix Blanche, Prat Pouchot, Porh Collet, La Lande de Bézidel, Croix Even, Bot Nohen, Trémer, then back to the depart-point. Variante : pointillés verts

Circuit bleu - Le canal
Circuit bleu - Le blavet
Circuit vert
Circuit orange - Montée vers Castel Finans
Circuit orange - Chemin de crête
Circuit rouge - Chapelle St-Marc