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 Argoat, in the heart of Brittany - a taste of the Azur : Lake Guerlédan

 Lake Guerlédan is an artificial lake created by the construction of a barrage across the water courses of the Blavet and the Nantes-Brest canal which merge at this point.

 Coming into service in 1933, the Guerlédan barrage flooded the valley of the Blavet along 13 kilometers, covering a surface of 400 hectares.  The lake is 45 meters deep and holds a volume of 55 million cubic meters.  The lake is dominated at the south in the direction of Cléguérec, by hills and the forest of Quénécan, an area of more than 3000 hectares.  Several beaches, one of which can be found at Anse de Sordan, have been developed for the use of bathers.

 Contrary to legend, no villages were submerged when the valley was flooded. Only the lock keepers houses and a few others were covered by the waters.  When the lake is emptied for maintenance of the barrage, which normally occurs every ten years (the last time being in 1985), the site offers a  lunar landscape attracting crowds of visitors…… and the traffic jams which accompany them!  The emptying of the lake again is proposed from time to time but, these days, examination of the structure of the barrage is carried out with underwater cameras.  Will we ever again see the lake dry? Only time will tell.


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